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Commnet Cellular Telephone at Bullfrog, Utah

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Comment Four Corners, LLC has proposed to install and operate a cellular telephone system at Defiance House Lodge at Bullfrog, Utah. The project consists of mounting six rectangular antennas on the exterior of the Defiance House Lodge structure - a non-historic hotel operated by the park concessioner. The antenna (as seen superimposed on the image) are designed to match the exterior of the building and be non-obtrusive. The installation is in a developed area and does not require the construction of a cell tower. No cell service currently serves the area. In accordance with 47 U.S.C. 332 note (Telecommunications Act of 1996 section 704(c)); 16 U.S.C. 5; other applicable authorities and Director's Order 53), the 30-day public notice/comment period has been completed. 55 comments were received from various individuals. Most commentors favored the installation of this proposed service, but several thoughtful questions were also asked. Glen Canyon NRA staff, in associated with Commnet, the company that requested the right of way, have developed responses to these comments. They can be viewed by clicking on "Document List" at the left hand side of your screen. Once this page opens click on "Comment Responses".

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