South Fork Merced River Temporary River Gage Installation

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Purpose: The purpose of this project is to build a record of flows on the South Fork of the Merced in the Wawona Area.

Description: This low-profile temporary gage will consist of a weighted water level sensor placed on the bed of the river and connected via wiring and conduit to a radio transmitter on shore. The gage will be located at an existing staff plate used by park utilities staff to estimate flows for wastewater treatment compliance purposes. Data from the sensor would be relayed from the transmitter to a receiver located at the Sierra Nevada Research Institute building in Wawona and thence to a UC Merced Server. The transmitter installation (see instrumentation figure) will consist of a battery and transmitter box, antenna, and solar panel (17x39 inch) mounted to a T-post approximately 4 feet in height driven in the top of the north bank of the river. The antenna would be approximately 3 inches in height and mounted to the top of the T-post. The corresponding receiving antenna would be mounted to an existing antenna boom on the Sierra Nevada Research Institute building.

This temporary installation would remain in place for up to ten years and would be maintained by UC Merced personnel and students.