Installation of Donation Boxes on the Blue Ridge Parkway

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This project involves the fabrication, installation and operation of donation boxes throughout the Blue Ridge Parkway. The donation box program will be managed by the Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway, a nonprofit partner of the park. The Friends are returning 100% of all donations directly to the park, using an all volunteer system. The donations will be used to support the programs, activities and mission of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

In September, it is planned to install two temporary 'Iron Ranger' donation boxes. Both will be located in Virginia, one at Humpback Rocks along the walkway between the Visitor Center and the farm at Milepost 5.8. The other location is just beside the walkway entrance to the gift shop/restaurant at Mabry Mill, Milepost 176.2.

Additional donation boxes will be installed at other locations along the Parkway in the near future.

Contact Information

Tina White
Acting Chief of Interpretation
828/271-4779 ext. 312