Valley Administration Building Exterior Door Lock Replacement

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This project will replace exterior door locks on this building for increased security and operation efficiency.
The door on west side of building currently has a "panic bar". We would be replacing this panic bar with one that will look pretty much the same but it will be equipped with an electronic locking device. A "through-wire" hinge will be added to the door. It will be located just below the existing center hinge and will be the only additional component you will see on the exterior of that door. It will be a 4" hinge.
Wiring from the panic bar to the hinge will be concealed inside the door and a hole will be drilled through the door casing and the wall between the boiler room and the hallway. That hole will be drilled behind the hinge so it will only be visible from the boiler room. From there it will be tied into the controller and then to the electrical panel with conduit.

Door on east side of building (Lobby)will be fitted with a "storage function" accessible knob set to permit free egress from the building and prohibit entry unless you have a key. This will require adding a knob to the exterior of the door, just above the existing pull handle (where the existing lock cylinder is located)or if existing door will accept a panic bar with an exterior lock cylinder the exterior appearance of the door will not change. Both of these options would change the interior appearance of the door as they will require replacing the existing interior knob with a door knob or a panic bar.