Emergency Boys Town Drainage Improvement

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The Boy's Town area is characterized by low relief and poor natural drainage during spring snow melt. Existing wetland delineations do not indicate that the area is a jurisdictional wetland. Seasonal flooding of the northern most tent cabins (numbers 50-63, 65-69, and 75) in Boy's Town has created unacceptable living conditions for employees in these cabins. While a small portion of the flooding is due to seasonally high groundwater levels leading to ponding in many areas, much of the flooding stems from diversion of flows from Upper Pines Campground into the area and diversion of natural drainage within Boy's Town. As much as 50% of the water flowing through Boy's Town originates from Upper Pines Campground. Within Boy's Town, the natural drainage channel has been blocked by fill, forcing runoff into unchannelized areas and exacerbating flooding (see Map 1- Existing conditions).