Museum Indian Village Roundhouse Rehabilitation

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This project will rehabilitate the existing traditional Miwok Indian ceremonial roundhouse using traditional techniques and materials to the maximum extent practicable. The roundhouse is a non-historic replica of a traditional roundhouse that was most recently rebuilt in 1992 by NPS with YCC crew and Yosemite Fund support. It is used by the Yosemite Park division of Interpretation, Cultural Program, for visitor education. It is also used by members of the American Indian community for traditional ceremonies. The roundhouse has been inspected 3 times in the past three years by NPS engineers, historic preservation specialists, forestry specialists, and facilities management personnel, who have identified the structural elements requiring rehabilitation for continued use. Specific repairs include: in-kind replacement of cedar bark roof; replacement of certain ceiling rafter poles and support posts; drainage system to direct rain water away from activity area; resurface dirt/sand floor. The project will be conducted by park Facilities Maintanence and supplemented by YCC crews, and will include collection of traditional materials available from the park hazard tree removal program, and grapevines. The materials will be stock-piled at the specified location in the El Capitan Woodyard. The park has a Task Agreement ( J8826 05 003) under a master Cooperative Agreement (H8812 04 3088) with the American Indian Council of Mariposa County, Inc. to provide traditional cultural expertise during project planning and implementation. The park's Native American Liaison will assist the Facilities Management division to arrange coordination with the appropriate council member.