Buck Camp Cabin Preservation Maintenance

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Built in 1931, the Buck Camp Cabin has served the South end of Yosemite as a snow survey station, but primarily as a contact point for Wilderness Patrol. Initially, a thorough cleaning of the cabin will take place, using bleach solutions, Tyvek suits, and respirators, to remove the threat of Hantavirus. The roof, ceiling, walls and floor, have areas where rodents enter the cabin. All gaps will be sealed, resulting in an entire rodent proofing of the cabin. The roof is sagging, and the roofing shakes will be removed, allowing full access. All structural problems in the rafter and ceiling area will then be repaired or replaced. A new sugar pine shake roof, matching the original, will be installed. The stovepipe, roof jack, and chimney are in disrepair and will be replaced. Some vertical log members are deteriorated and will be replaced. The cabins' exterior logs will be coated with a preservative.

The pipes that feed the water system from the spring box to the cabin are deteriorated and will be replaced. Shutters, doors, and windows, all need repairs. The outhouse and tack shed both need major work. Numerous smaller repairs are needed throughout the cabin. All repairs will be "in-kind", using Historic Preservation techniques.