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This project proposes to enter a design-build contract with an elevator company to replace the mechanical equipment for the service elevator. This will bring it up to current standards, restore occupancy certification, and maintain long-term operations. Controls would meet accessibility requirements.

The service elevator mechanical equipment is over 80 years old; parts and equipment are no longer available. Deleware North Corporation (DNC) has had extensive discussions with several elevator companies and two have evaluated the service elevator. They both indicated the next time the service elevator fails they would not be able to procure parts to make the repairs.

The service elevator is located in the historic Ahwahnee Hotel. The mechanical upgrades are not in public spaces and are considered non-contributing elements. Hall buttons, car operating panel, and car position indicators are new and are intended to match or compliment the new passenger elevator devices.

DNC will insure the park Historical Architect will be consulted throughout the project as it proceeds, particulary as it relates to the required cutting and patching as described below. A construction schedule, phone invitations, and regular construction meeting updates will be provided by the DNC Project Manager.

A portion of the 6th floor stairway wall will be removed so the heavy equipment can be hoisted straight up through the stairway opening. The wall is a non-bearing 4" plastered wall. A section roughly 3' wide by 4' tall will be removed. When the project allows, without interruption to the modernization process, DNC will replace and repair in kind to that which was removed, including plaster and paint to match. This is a back of house item, not exposed to public view, and the portion of the work has no historical significance.

In addition, DNC will consult with the NPS Museum curator concerning the collection of small particular pieces of the original elevator motor/equipment to retain for historic purposes.

Once construction activities commence, a small staging area for materials storage and use will be located in the back dock area.