Tamarisk removal near Furnace Creek

Exotic Plant Management Plan

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The National Park Service proposes to develop an Exotic Plant Management Plan for Death Valley National Park. The overall purpose of this proposed Exotic Plant Management Plan is to maintain the health of native plant communities and the park's unique ecosystems by preventing the spread of exotic plants and removing exotic plants with an integrated approach.

Exotic invasive plants are defined as non-native species whose introduction is likely to cause economic, environmental, or human harm (Federal Executive Order 13112). A shift from native vegetation to an invasive plant infestation can alter wildlife habitat, reduce species diversity and damage ecological systems.

While the Park has managed exotic plants since the 1970s, this is the first comprehensive Exotic Plant Management Plan to be developed. This plan would cover all park areas with the exception of the Saline Valley Warm Springs, which will be managed according to the Saline Valley Warm Springs Management Plan currently under development in an Environmental Impact Statement process.

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