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The National Park Service is planning to rehabilitate the facilities in and around the Javelina Picnic Area in the Rincon Mountain District of Saguaro National Park, east of the city of Tucson, Arizona. This picnic area was constructed in the 1940s and has not seen much modification or upgrading since that time. The desired results for this upgrade include: improving safety and accessibility for the disabled, expanding the capacity of the site to accommodate educational activities, developing sustainable facilities, improving the area's appearance, reducing the area of bare soil and the number of social trails, and preserving important cultural features at the site.

An Environmental Assessment will be prepared in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) to provide the decision-making framework that 1) analyzes a reasonable range of alternatives to meet project objectives, 2) evaluates potential issues and impacts to park resources and values, and 3) identifies mitigation measures to lessen the degree or extent of these impacts.

The park encourages public participation throughout the planning process. There will be two opportunities to comment formally on the project; once during initial project scoping and again following release of the Environmental Assessment. The park is currently in the scoping phase of this project, and invites the public to submit written suggestions, comments, and concerns regarding this proposed project online at the NPS Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC) website at:

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Meg Weesner
Chief, Science and Resources Management
Saguaro National Park