Glacier Point, Viewing Area, Tactile Display Relocation

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This project will make the tactile display at the Glacier Point viewing area compliant with ADAAG standards and improve pedestrian traffic flow in the area. The existing display, located along the eastern walkway accessing the ampitheater, does not provide the 5' of access around the entire display or the approach clearance as required by ADAAG. The display also creates a bottleneck in the walkway which compromises effective pedestrian traffic flow. The new location will move the display approximately 65 feet into the center of the adjacent Glacier Point viewing platform. The rock border, where the display is currently mounted, shall be removed. The display will be mounted in the new location with a rock border foundation configuration. The surface of the foundation will be designed to match comparable entities in the area and will be accepted by the History, Architecture, and Landscapes Branch. Importantly, the viewing platform currently provides approximately 1400 square feet of view space. The installation of the display will reduce the area by 24 square feet, or less than 1.7%. Furthermore, a clearance of not less than 8' will be retained between existing walls and the edge of the display. The 8' clearance will allow for proper pedestrian traffic flow around the display.