Turtleback Dome Air Quality Structure Replacement

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This project proposal is for the replacement of the IMPROVE (Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments) aerosol sampler located on Turtleback Dome. The current structure, which is deteriorating and inadequate, will be replaced with a similar style that will hold up to the elements and better protect the equipment and the site operator. This is an open sided structure (dimensions are 8'Lx4'Wx7'H) with an A-frame roof. The south side will hold the 5 module boxes and have a plywood backing for wind protection. The entire structure will be painted a brown color to blend in and not reflect light. The pumps, which are currently housed in a separate metal structure, will be moved to a quieter, more insulated housing underneath the modules. The new structure will no longer require the use of guy lines, reducing the footprint. No additional power lines will be required, as the location will not be changed. The structure will be anchored with one metal sleeve for each of the four legs. Each of the sleeves will be bolted into the granite with four bolts. Each bolt will require an eight inch hole to be drilled, and will be sealed with epoxy.