Camp 4 Restroom Tile Installation

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The Park Service responsibilities are to remove all partitions and affected sink and urinal fixtures; repair water damaged 3/4" press board and 2"x6" bottom plate; and cut back existing FRP Board (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) siding to allow for the Wainscote and Cove Base tile application of the contractor. Contractor's proposal is for labor, mortars, adhesives, Hardibacker, grouts, Bituthene liner, and ceramic/porcelain tile for the installation of tile as described below. Tile floor area: 2"x2" porcelain mosaic Daltile D035 Almond, wall area: 6"x6" White Gloss Daltile 100. This project includes 2 bathrooms with wall areas that include Wainscote behind the sinks in both baths and behind the urinals in the men's bath. The parameters of the both bathrooms are to have sanitary cove base installed in the method as described below and both floors are to have commercial tile installed as described below. The wall area, including the base, are to have a sheet of Bituthene water proofing materials applied. l/2" Hardibacker will be mechanically fastened to the building frame over the layer of Bituthene in preparation for the installation of the wall and base tile. Upon completion of the installation of the tile, white grout is to be applied. The existing floor area is to have a coating of bonding agent applied and the 2"x2" porcelain mosaic installed with a bonding mortar with an acrylic admix. The floor tile is to be installed pitched to the existing drains. The covers of the floor drains will be elevated for a flush installation with the floor tile. Colored grout, which matches the color of the floor tile, will be applied.