East Valley Asphalt Removal

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Eight old patches of asphalt in or around the Pines campgrounds have become obsolete and need to be removed. Seven of them are old parking pads: four that are eroding into the Merced River(Lower Pines #61, three North Pines sites--C1,C2,C3), and three former Group Camp sites in North Pines(G1,G2,G3: see internal documents). The eighth location is a trail downstream from the Happy Isles Bridge, river right, where erosion from the 1997 flood undercut the entire bank and washed away sections of the trail. The asphalt and base(where applicable) will be stockpiled separately(approximately 45 yards) near each location until reused on upcoming projects(e.g. South Fork Bridge, Valley Loop road).

Asphalt removal and stockpiling in all locations will be performed by the Yosemite Institute, with the exception of the Happy Isles trail which will be a joint venture with the National Park Service. The overhanging sections of that trail are too dangerous for kids.

Yosemite Institute has performed stewardship projects similar to this one in the past. They will be responsible for safety, tools and equipment.