Curry Village Pool Shower House Rehabilitation

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This project will rehabilitate the Curry Village Pool Shower House (CVPS) foundation to stabilize the structure. The project will include foundation stabilization and interior repairs to the shower stalls and tile. The project will proceed as follows:
·Removal of all wood flooring and support structures.
·Installation of concrete footings and stem curbs under all walls. Curbs to extend six inches above finished flooring.
·Install all new DWV and water piping.
·Install a slurry fill mixture to bring grade to desired level to receive concrete flooring.
·Install a colored concrete floor sloped to floor drains [this would be the finished floor].
·Install all new ceramic tile in shower floors and walls up to seven feet high.
·Install ceramic tile seven feet high on all walls in shower area.
·Install new ceramic wanes coating around all toilet and urinals up 48" high.
·Replace all wooden decking at the poolside with a concrete slab and install gutter drains to route water away from building.
·Demolish entry concrete and replace with exposed aggregate concrete per ADA specs.
·Repair exterior walls at poolside.
·Repaint structure inside and out.
·Re roof structure complete.
·Perform repairs to the existing ADA shower stall(s), which are currently not usable due to foundation damage.