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This proposal was made my Jim Cyr several years ago. We are converting this storage area to an office/training/break room area. Raise the existing floor by adding road base and concrete to prevent floor from water damage caused by rain/snow. Remove old existing sliding doors; frame in new wall with a 3 foot passage door. Insulate the walls; new electrical outlets, dedicated circuits for computers and change out existing lighting. Providing a break room, training on computers, and office space for the supervisors. Plumbing, insulate walls with R12, sheet rock, tape and texture, and finish work. Remove sliding doors and replace with frame in a new wall (keeping the exterior wall, in-kind with shingles and painted suede brown). Exterior metal doors; one on the south facing wall with a window, and one on the north wall with a bank of double hung windows above the door. The doors on both sides of the building are for egress. Finish work. Five computer stations with 2 phone lines, sink, microwave, refrigerator, tables, and chairs. The proposed Plumbing Plan A would use the existing water supply from the HVAC shop wall. Grey water would tie into the maintenance shop bathroom, out the southeast corner wall, through a 5'x1' deep trench, and into the northeast corner wall of the old welding shop of the maintenance building. The alternate proposed Plumbing Plan B would use the existing water from the HVAC shop and the grey water would be pumped up into the attic of Building 526, and then gravity feed to the southwest corner of the building, then feeds into the BCU bathroom vent stack, which collects in a pumped 500 gallon holding tank.