Badger Pass Emergency Phone Line Relocation and Repair

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During the Badger Pass Rental Shop Demolition project, the contractor cut the main Badger Pass phone line buried in the wetland meadow under the rental shop. The contractor was unable to repair the line before high groundwater infiltrated the lines making them irreparable.

This project proposes repair and relocate the phone line out of the designated wetland. The relocation plan involves an above ground conduit running along the walkway on the Badger Pass Lodge building from the existing phone pull-box to the adjacent asphalt parking area where it will go underground. Burying the phone line involves trenching through disturbed soil (2 inches wide by 18 inches deep by 290 lineal feet) on the edge of the asphalt parking area to the phone pull-box located near the A-Frame parking lot. This will restore phone service to Badger Pass and the functionality of Badger Pass fire alarm system without disturbance to the meadow.

SBC (the phone company) was on site and assisted with this phone line relocation plan, hoping to avoid the need to dig in the meadow for future line repairs.