Camp 4 Campground Fire Ring and Site Marker Installation

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There are 35 sites at Camp 4, only five of which already have a metal fire ring. The other 31 sites contain multiple, rock rings as well as the remains of small concrete slabs(3'x3'x6") from old barbecue rings. The first part of this project will consist of removing the slabs with a bobcat and any duplicate rock rings--more than one per site. Three accessible fire rings will also be installed.

The second part includes removing the deteriorating concrete site markers(6"x6"x4'), most of which are illegible and/or unsafe(with rebar sticking out). The sites will now be identified by the existing bear lockers, which are already stencilled with the site numbers, and the concrete half-rounds, which will require new stencilling.

The work will be completed by the Parkwide Custodial Office, who are experienced with performing this type of work safely. The material will be stockpiled in North Pines, old group parking sites G and H, until picked up by Project Management for disposal or reuse, no later than Memorial Day.