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A Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) has been approved for the replacement of the Big Stump Entrance Station. The FONSI and environmental assessment documents the decision of the National Park Service (NPS) to replace and construct Big Stump Entrance Station and the determination that no significant impacts on the human environment are associated with that decision.

The purpose of the selected action is to replace the former Big Stump entrance station with a fully functional entrance station, which is needed to safely and efficiently meet the operational requirements to serve visitors, provide information and collect fees at this gateway to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and Giant Sequoia National Monument.

The Big Stump entrance station is the main entrance to Kings Canyon National Park and to the northern portion of Giant Sequoia National Monument in the Sequoia National Forest. Each year, Big Stump entrance station personnel contact more than 600,000 visitors entering the park and monument. More than 180,000 vehicles use this entrance annually. The Big Stump entrance station is the primary point of contact where visitors pay entrance fees, receive maps and information on recreation, facilities, services, road conditions and resource protection. During the winter, the entrance station has been a critical location for visitors to receive updated road conditions and apply chains before proceeding into the park.

The NPS began looking at options for replacing the Big Stump entrance station with a new structure in late 2004. At that time, a number of operational shortcomings had become apparent including the repetitive springtime flooding of the fee office and the lack of a second lane and kiosk to manage the growing summer crowds. The idea was to construct an improved entrance station at the current location.

In October 2005, the Big Stump entrance station was closed due to safety concerns caused by a hazardous giant sequoia tree. Based on evaluation of the giant sequoia by forestry professionals, it was determined that all or part of the tree might fall into the entrance station area, presenting a serious hazard to visitors and employees.

In summer from mid-May to October, an interim entrance station is located at the Big Stump picnic area, one-half mile east of the former entrance station. Visitors access the entrance kiosks by making a left hand turn into the parking lot, circling around to the kiosks and exiting at the same point from which they entered. In winter, a kiosk is placed in the parking lot in front of the Kings Canyon Visitor Center, approximately 2.5 miles east of the former entrance station location. Visitors access this kiosk by turning into the Kings Canyon Visitor Center parking lot, parking and walking to the kiosk window.

Re-establishing a fully operational entrance station in the Big Stump area would effectively support essential park operations, provide for employee and visitor health and safety, and reduce impact on the parks' natural and cultural resources.

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