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In July 2020, Congressman Juan Vargas, representing California's 52nd district, requested that the National Park Service conduct a reconnaissance survey of Chicano Park in San Diego, California, to evaluate its potential as an affiliated area of the national park system. Reconnaissance surveys are preliminary resource assessments to gather data on potential study areas and assess the possibility of including those resources as units of the national park system.

This report is a preliminary evaluation of Chicano Park in San Diego, California, to determine the likelihood that this site would qualify for inclusion as an affiliated area in the national park system. Affiliated areas are owned and operated by nonfederal organizations that maintain a formal relationship with the National Park Service (NPS). Through this partnership, affiliates gain access to technical resources, resource management expertise, and recognition from the NPS. To be considered for inclusion, an area must meet the criteria for national significance, suitability, and demonstrate a need for special consideration by the NPS. The affiliate organization must agree to manage the resources according to the policies and standards of the NPS. The conclusions in this survey are not final or definitive and only provide preliminary findings to inform further action. This report includes a description of Chicano Park and a preliminary evaluation of the current resources and operation of the site.

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