Lichen Inventory and Community Classification

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This is an NRPP and Arctic I&M Network (ARCN)-funded project to inventory the lichens of NOAT. Objectives are:

1. To document 90% of the expected macrolichen species in NOAT, and to rate each species in parkwide relative abundance and frequency.

2. To describe basic lichen community patterns and their relationship to major landscape variables.

3. To determine the current state of pollutant accumulation in lichens and to place this in the context of known pollution sensitivities for those taxa.

4. To establish baseline long-term lichen community monitoring plots to evaluate community change from pollutants and pollutant accumulation using standard FIA protocols that will allow these plots to be included in statewide and national monitoring efforts.

5. To develop a spatial database of cumulative lichen records compatible with NPSpecies

6. To document the common bryophyte species in NOAT, and to make opportunistic collections of bryophytes that will be identified during a subsequent bryological work through the I&M program.

Field work will be conducted from late June to early August 2005. Primary access will be helicopter.

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