General George Catlett Marshall Jr., 1880-1959, 
half-length portrait in uniform, seated, facing left, March 3, 1944.

General George C. Marshall House Reconnaissance Survey

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This reconnaissance survey is a preliminary evaluation of the George C. Marshall House located in Leesburg, Virginia, to determine the likelihood that this site would qualify for designation as an affiliated area. The National Park Service prepared this reconnaissance survey at the request of US Representative Jennifer Wexton, US Senator Mark R. Warner, and US Senator Tim Kaine.

Affiliated areas are owned and operated by nonfederal organizations that maintain a formal relationship with the National Park Service. Via this partnership, organizations can gain access to technical resources, historic preservation expertise, and branded graphics from the National Park Service. To be considered as an affiliated area, a site must meet criteria for national significance and suitability and demonstrate a need for special consideration by the National Park Service, and the affiliate organization must agree to manage the resources according to the policies of the National Park Service.

The National Park Service concludes that the George C. Marshall House would be appropriate for designation as an affiliated area based on the preliminary analysis of this reconnaissance survey. This report includes a description of the George C. Marshall House, an evaluation of its national significance, identification of similar sites within and outside of the national park system, a preliminary comparative analysis of sites with similar resource types and national themes, and recommendations for future action. The conclusions in this survey are not final or definitive.

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