Hammond Land Exchange

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The National Park Service (NPS) is considering a land exchange along the north shore of Lake Clark in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. The owners of a 126.81-acre homestead and a 59.98-acre Native allotment wish to exchange about 40 acres of the homestead property, which was placed into a conservation easement in 1990, for about 53 acres of the contiguous Native allotment. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) acquired about 66 acres of the homestead in 1990 as a conservation easement and later transferred the land to the NPS. The conservation easement precludes any development on the affected lands. The NPS would retain about 26 acres of the original conservation easement, and the landowners would retain about 7 acres of the Native allotment. The NPS would acquire a net gain of 13 acres in the conservation easement, and the landowners would retain fee title to the best future potential building sites. The owners want parts of the conservation easement and the allotment to provide locations on headlands to build family residences along the shore of Lake Clark.