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Channel Islands NP GMP/Wilderness Study/EIS

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APRIL 16, 2015

Dear Friends of Channel Islands National Park,

We are pleased to present the Channel Islands National Park Final General Management Plan/Wilderness Study/Environmental Impact Statement (GMP). The plan is the culmination of several years of effort involving the thoughtful input and participation of hundreds of individuals, many public agencies and organizations.

The GMP provides for strong natural and cultural resource protection of this very special park, while at the same time providing for a diversity of appropriate recreational opportunities on the islands. The GMP also provides specific management direction for a number of important issues that arose during the planning process, including the future of historic structures and areas, the park's operational facilities on the islands and on the mainland. The document also includes a wilderness study, which proposes wilderness and potential wilderness for different parts of the park.

The National Park Service values your interest in continuing to enjoy a meaningful connection with the Park, and we look forward to implementing this plan in the public interest with your support. As the life of this GMP is expected to be many years, we can expect budgets to ebb and flow during that period. The National Park Service will do our best to be true to the intent of the GMP, but it may be many years before some of the projects in the plan are funded and implemented. In some cases, there will be additional opportunities for civic engagement to refine the details while remaining consistent with the GMP direction.

On behalf of the entire National Park Service family, please accept our most sincere gratitude for your commitment and dedication to this process.


Russell E. Galipeau, Jr.

Contact Information

National Park Service, Denver Service Center-P
Greg Jarvis, Project Manager
12795 W. Alameda Parkway
Denver, CO. 80225