This photo simulation shows the expected appearance of a new 54-foot-tall telecommunication tower at the proposed location near the Big Bend Telephone Company building in Panther Junction.

Issue Permits to Build and Operate Telecommunication Monopole in Panther Junction

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Commnet Four Corners, LLC (Commnet) has submitted an application to Big Bend National Park to build a new communication monopole in the Panther Junction developed area. The monopole and associated facilities would support an emergency first responders network known as FirstNet. It would also allow co-location of roaming cellular services installed by Commnet Wireless and communication equipment from Big Bend Telephone.

The telecommunication facility would be placed within a 2,206 square foot (0.05 acres) fenced permit area adjacent to the existing Big Bend Telephone Company building in the Panther Junction administrative area. The project would construct a 54-foot-tall monopole (50-foot-tall monopole topped with a 4-foot lightning rod). The monopole would be colored brown to reduce its visibility and would not have any lights. Associated equipment would include 3 antennas, 2 radios, and 1 cabinet. The existing 30-foot-tall pole adjacent to the Big Bend Telephone building would be removed, and its function would be replaced by the new monopole.

Commnet has provided additional, more detailed, maps showing cellular signal coverage for the proposed facility, and these can be seen by clicking on the "Document List" tab to the left.

On December 6, 2022, the NPS solicited public comments on the proposal and received 53 comments. A table showing the topics raised by the comments and the NPS response is available on the Document List.

The NPS has approved the permit application, effective June 26, 2023.

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