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Wilderness Stewardship Plan/EIS

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The National Park Service (NPS) is preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) for a Wilderness Stewardship Plan (WSP) for Isle Royale National Park (ISRO or the park).

The purpose of this plan is to outline strategies for preserving wilderness character, including the treatment of cultural resources in wilderness, while also providing for the use and enjoyment of the park by current and future generations. This plan would determine preservation and use of historic structures in potential and designated wilderness.

The NPS identified the following needs for this WSP/EIS:

NPS Management Policies 2006 requires that each park containing wilderness maintain an up-to-date and approved wilderness management plan (NPS 2006, section

The previous ISRO Backcountry Wilderness Plan and Final EIS (2011; no Record of Decision) did not provide a decision for treatments and use of historic structures in potential and designated wilderness.

The 1998 General Management Plan (GMP) specified that a wilderness and backcountry management plan is needed to guide the management of wilderness resources and ensure consistency in such management over time.

Preliminary inventory and monitoring of wilderness and backcountry resources indicate a difference between existing conditions and desired conditions. Changes in backcountry use, management actions, increasing visitation, and associated human-caused adverse impacts suggest an underlying need to more proactively manage human activities that directly or indirectly affect wilderness conditions.

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