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Permit Dominion Energy to Upgrade Distribution Lines at Chancellorsville Battlefield

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Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania NMP proposes to permit Dominion Energy to upgrade its overhead distribution line infrastructure inside its right-of-way in the Chancellorsville Battlefield area. This effort is part of a large-scale upgrade project in the area to provide continued safe and reliable service to customers.

Dominion Electric Virginia is undergoing a large-scale grid hardening project in the area and have scheduled line upgrades in three locations along rights-of-way (ROWs) within park boundaries in the Chancellorsville Battlefield area. These include a 0.8-mile stretch of ROW along Ely's Ford Road/Route 610 north of its intersection with Plank Road/Route 3, a 0.4-mile stretch at Plank Road/Route 3, and a 0.2-mile stretch at Old Plank Road/Route 610 and Furnace Road. The purpose of the maintenance project is to replace existing older equipment on its distribution lines to reduce power outages in this area. The project consists of replacing the existing older and less reliable Class 4 - 40' poles (35' above ground approximately) with new poles that in some cases will be taller and slightly thicker, mostly Class 1 & 3 - 45' poles (40' above ground approximately), transformers and other related distribution equipment which has reached it maximum life expectancy. Pole replacements and span revisions are shown on the plans attached. Span changes are required to improve line durability. Most existing poles to be replaced will be located within approximately 10' of the existing pole location. The overall project serves almost 5,000 customers in this area.

Dominion secured deeded easements for its distribution lines located on the NPS property prior to establishment of the Park. The easements were submitted to NPS staff for review. The easements were granted almost a 100 years ago and the language at that time was not specific to easement dimensions. Dominion's standard distribution easement is 30' wide with 15' on either side of the line and this is the size of the easement that has been maintained by Dominion in the project areas.

Aside from pole installation, no underground work on National Park Service property is proposed as part of this project. Impacts to vegetation along the ROWs include lateral trimming of trees within the right of way. Work off Asphalt as allowed and it will be at the discretion of the supervisor managing crews to determine during construction. Dominion will make every effort to limit its entry/exit to property owned by the NPS to a one-time occurrence.

Support equipment includes standard electrical bucket trucks, pole trailers, auger trucks, and pickup trucks. Dominion estimates 3-6 person crews on site working the project for the duration of the project, which could last up to a year.

Dominion Energy conducted an archaeological survey of the proposed pole replacement locations and no significant archaeological resources or sites were identified.

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