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Bryce Canyon National Park is requesting public comment on a proposal to increase backcountry camping permit fees beginning in 2022. All other fees will remain the same.

Backcountry Permits:

At Bryce Canyon National Park, 80% of backcountry fees collected stay at the park. These fees currently fund the staff necessary to issue backcountry permits, provide safety information, and aid in Search and Rescue efforts. Backcountry fees, currently $5.00, also provide for free rentals of wildlife-resistant food containers as well as backcountry campsite and trail improvements including improved signage and tent pads.

Since 2011, Bryce Canyon's backcountry has seen a 36% increase in overnight stays. Costs associated with backcountry maintenance and administration have necessarily risen with this increased use, though fees have not. This proposed fee increase, $15.00 permit fee with a $7.00 per person per day fee, will ensure the park is able to continue to provide these services, as well as to expand services by covering the costs of offering permits online through

Golden Age and Access Pass holders will continue to receive a 50% discount on all campsite reservation fees, including backcountry permit fees.

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