Concrete foundation for proposed adaptive reuse to support group camping

SAHO New Group Campsite at NIKE Radar Site Barracks Area

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The National Park Service (NPS) proposes to establish a new group camping area at the NIKE Radar Site Barracks Area, located within the Sandy Hook Unit (Unit) of Gateway National Recreation Area (GATE). Accommodating group camping would enhance the park's camping program to provide a variety of opportunities for visitors, ranging from primitive tent camping in remote backcountry areas to facilities for recreational vehicles. Conceptually, offering group camping options in the Sandy Hook Unit were presented in the park's approved 2014 General Management Plan (GMP), with recognition that further analysis of site-specific plans would be developed. The proposed group camping area at the NIKE Radar Site Barracks Area is consistent with camping options as presented in the park's GMP. For these reasons, a categorical exclusion (CE) for the project would be prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act. Establishment of this new group camping area is covered by CE C.18, "Construction of minor structures, including small improved parking lots, in previously disturbed or developed areas." The impacts to floodplains do not rise to the level requiring an environmental assessment.

The proposed action would occur within floodplains. In accordance with NPS policy and procedures for compliance with Executive Order 11988 for floodplain management, a draft Statement of Findings for the proposed action has been prepared. As required by NPS policy, GATE is making this draft Statement of Findings available for a 15-day public review and comment period.

The comment period is from December 4 through December 19, 2021. From the Project Links list, select "Open For Comment" to submit your feedback. You can also mail comments to the park. Please address comments to:

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