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LRF Critical Preservation of Legacy Structures, Landscapes & Implement SFIS Business Plan, USA 250th

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Minute Man National Historical Park (NHP) is a seven-mile linear park with four distinct units. It spans three towns- -Concord, Lincoln, and Lexington, Massachusetts—and attracts more than one million visitors a year. The park's mission is to preserve the historic sites, structures, properties, and landscapes associated with the opening battles of the American Revolution. The park also preserves resources related to America's literary tradition, including The Wayside, home of three nineteenth century American authors. The park maintains some 200 assets, including about 1,000 acres of maintained landscape and twelve witness structures present at the time of the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. In 2025, the park will commemorate the 250th anniversary of those battles, and anticipates numerous special events and increased visitation.

As Minute Man NHP prepares for the nation's 250th anniversary on April 19, 2025, the park will use the Legacy Restoration Fund established by the 2020 Great American Outdoors Act to address much needed maintenance issues. The park's Strategic Facilities Plan will guide this effort. It focuses on both the short term goal of bringing buildings, monuments, and landscapes into good condition and a long term strategy for keeping them in good condition.

Strategic Facilities Plan projects include the following work:
•Rehabilitate eight witness structures' interiors and exteriors and ten cultural landscapes
•Rehabilitate 5.5-mile Battle Road Trail and 0.5-mile North Bridge Trail
•Rehabilitate the exteriors of eight post-1775 National Register-listed structures
•Rehabilitate interiors of five National Register-listed
•Rehabilitate exterior, interiors and systems of two historic structures used for park operations
•Replace seven deficient or unused septic systems
•Replace one domestic water well
•Treat and preserve plaques and monuments
•Replace existing (300) park signs
•Demolish six peripheral farm structures is poor condition

While most of the properties will maintain their current uses, the following properties will be leased after work is completed: Joshua Brooks, Elisha-Jones, Inferrera, Stow-Hardy, George Hall, East Quarter School, and Barker House.

To find out more about the projects and to comment on how we hope to meet our obligations under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, Click on the link for open documents on the left.

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