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Pullman National Monument in Chicago, Illinois was established by a proclamation by President Barack Obama on February 19, 2015. The boundaries of the national monument include much of the historic Pullman neighborhood. Pullman was designed as a model community of the late 19th century and is a thriving community today.

The National Park Service (NPS) has developed a range of alternative conceptual designs for improvements, rehabilitation, and use of the Pullman Factory site (Pullman or site), a component of the Pullman State Historic Park within Pullman National Monument. These proposed actions focus on preserving the historic Pullman Factory site by creating a common vision and understanding of the options available, and of the contributing roles of state, federal and private partners in moving these options forward.

The conceptual designs communicate basic information on the improvements necessary to the Administration Clock Tower Building; placement of access points and parking; identification of period of significance; preserving and rehabilitating historic structures to improve visitor access and use; repairing or improving a variety of structural features such as windows, roofs, and ventilation in historic structures; and removing or stabilizing hazardous materials.

This document is part of Pullman National Monument's planning portfolio. It addresses some elements of the park's required management plans; other elements will be addressed in future planning documents.

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