Installation of Interpretative Trail at Thoburn's Redoubt (Partner owned land)

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The Greater Appalachian Valley Conservation Corps (GAVCC) has received NPS funding through a task agreement (P16AC00781) for the installation of a loop trail on Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation land within Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historical Park. This trail will consist mainly of mowed lawn through open fields. The proposed trail will enter a wood lot and parallel existing Union earthworks (for approximately 600 feet) built before the Battle of Cedar Creek. The trail will then exit the wooded area and return to the mowed field. A separate project will install a trail head and interpretive wayside to help orient and interpret the landscape for visitors in the spring of 2018. This trail follows an amended 2014 trail plan developed in coordination with park partners. The park wishes to install this trail late spring or early summer 2018.

Since funding for this project has been secured through Federal means, this project needs to be in compliance with the 1966 NHPA, specifically Section 106. In preparation for this project, the NPS has facilitated a Phase 1 archaeological survey of the proposed trail to identify any historic properties. The project area focused on the areas: paralleling earthworks, potential parking lot site, and possible cemetery location. The fieldwork for this project was completed in November 2017, and the trail will reflect the recommendations made from the findings in this report. This survey resulted in the locating no archaeological features in the project area.

There are no federal funds allocated for the construction of a parking lot. If in the future federal funds become committed to a parking lot, this undertaking will be subject to the Section 106 process.

The GAVCC plans on creating a trail with a tread of 2-3 feet wide and clearing limbs and branches that would be within the trail area. The proposed path will be above the earthworks on a slight slope. Therefore, it will be necessary to back cut into the slope to prevent erosion and allow for safe visitor access. The depth of this back cut will depend on the degree of slope. GAVCC foresees anywhere from 2-3 inches to some places upwards to a foot in the steeper portions of the trail.

Under the guidelines of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act, the National Park Service is soliciting public comments on this project. Written comments, either through this website or via postal letter, will be accepted only during the 30 day public review period.

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Kyle Rothemich,, 540-868-0807