Ruins of Karnak inside Mammoth Cave along the Historic tour route

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The National Park Service is starting the process of preparing a Foundation Document for planning and management at Mammoth Cave National Park. The park would like to invite the public to join in this effort.

A Foundation Document involves revisiting a national park unit's core mission and significance, most important resources and values, and the interpretive themes that tell the park's important stories. Although the Foundation Document is not a decision-making document and does not include actions or management strategies, it describes a shared understanding of what is most important about the park. In this capacity, the Foundation Document will reestablish the underlying guidance for future management and planning decisions at Mammoth Cave National Park. Because many of the park's original planning documents are out of date, preparing the Foundation Document is the first step for considering the park's future planning and study needs.

The National Park Service invites you to play a role in charting the park's future by sharing your thoughts on what is most important about Mammoth Cave National Park, and to help identify its most pressing threats and its greatest opportunities. Your feedback will allow the park to take your thoughts into consideration as they prepare the Foundation Document.

You may submit your feedback here from July 15-29 by responding to four questions about the park's significance, threats, and opportunities.

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