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A comment period for this project closes Feb 20, 2019:
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Construction of New Accessible Hunt Blind/Wildlife Viewing Platform on Bodie Island

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The Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC) website is NPS's primary tool dedicated to facilitating public input into decision making processes. The PEPC website was taken offline during the government shutdown, which prohibited the ability of affected parties and the public to provide comments on any projects or proposals whose comment periods were open between December 21, 2018, and Feb 4, 2019, when PEPC was put back in service. To ensure that the public has ample opportunity to review and comment, the comment period for this proposal will reopen on Feb 4, 2019 and be extended through Feb 20, 2019. Any written comments received or comments entered into PEPC prior to the shutdown will be considered and included in the overall project record.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore (Seashore) is planning to construct a new accessible hunting blind and wildlife viewing platform on Bodie Island.

Pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) the National Park Service (NPS) is seeking public input to help prepare an environmental assessment (EA) to analyze impacts associated with the proposed construction of these facilities.

This project would enhance visitor opportunities by (1) providing an accessible waterfowl hunt blind and a wildlife viewing platform with boardwalk for all visitors; (2) construct an ABA accessible hunt blind within a location that would avoid sensitive ecological features and (3) work towards providing permanent hunt blinds within the Seashore's federally authorized hunting area.

Three sites were considered due to their close proximity to NC Highway 12; are within the federally authorized hunt area; and are located near a wide body of open water.

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Michael Barber