Yosemite Lodge Pathway Lighting Installation

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The goal of this project is to address guest safety issues at Yosemite Lodge related to pathway lighting. The existing lighting was designed as landscape lighting and, if operational, would not provide adequate lighting for guests to safely traverse pathways or read the directional signage. This project will install way-finding lighting and replace the electrical circuits that serve the outdated walkway lighting at the northern portion of the Lodge complex. The existing electrical system is a direct burial electrical cable and is not currently functional. The electrical circuits require complete replacement in order to provide operating walkway lighting. The existing lighting fixtures will be replaced with new fixtures that will be reviewed and approved by the park historical architect prior to procurement. The existing fixture type is located in other areas of Yosemite Lodge (Alder Building), so an example of the original fixture will still be on property. The NPS Lighting Guidelines will provide guidance throughout this project.

The area in need of replacement is on the north side of the Yosemite Lodge complex along the walkways that serve the Elderberry (4200), Cottonwood (4400), Azalea (4600), Birch (4700), Willow (4300), and Manzanita (4500) Buildings. To minimize ground disturbance, the concessioner has reduced the amount of underground conduit to be installed by selecting fixtures that utilize low voltage LED technology. The attached project map indicates new circuits to be installed from each building, with short runs of trenching which add up to approximately 600 lineal feet of ground disturbance at a depth approximately 6 - 8 inches (depending on the topography). A qualified electrical contractor will replace the walkway lighting fixtures and install a new code compliant electrical system to serve the walkway lighting along pathways at Yosemite Lodge.

The scope of work will include:

1. Fabricate and install ten new light low voltage LED fixtures to replace eight existing fixtures. The two additional fixtures are sighted in areas currently without any pathway lighting. All fixtures will have concrete bases and new light posts. Fixture selection and installation locations will be performed based upon the park historical architect recommendations.

2. Remove existing light fixtures and direct burial cable, if desired. If removing existing cabling creates excessive ground disturbance, the cable can be abandoned in place.

3. Trench short runs for each fixture to the associated lodging unit and install electrical conduit and wire, including pull boxes, as necessary, for a proper installation. Underground conduit will be installed approximately 6 - 8 inches deep. Trenching for all ten fixtures adds up to approximately 600 liner feet.

4. Replace concrete walkways where it is necessary to install conduit crossings.

5. Route lighting circuits into the existing panels of adjacent buildings and tie into the existing contactor.