Yosemite Lodge Kitchen Ceiling Tiles Replacement

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This project will upgrade the existing ceiling material in the Yosemite Lodge (YL) kitchen. This includes the main kitchen, dish and pot cleaning rooms and food preparation areas. It is unknown when the ceiling was last upgraded. The park public health officer has determined that the current ceiling is in disrepair and the tiles do not meet the 2009 California Health Code requirement for food establishments. Water and steam generated during kitchen operations throughout the years has compromised the ceiling tiles. The project will address 6,000 square feet of ceiling space in a commercial kitchen with an upgrade of the existing ceiling material to meet current health code. Ancillary equipment, such as ventilation and lighting, will be reused or replaced as needed. Delaware North Companies will work with the park historical architect regarding the scope of work for this project as the Yosemite Lodge Determination of Eligibility is finalized.

The Yosemite Lodge Kitchen Ceiling Replacement project will be constructed in multiple phases, based on operational needs of the kitchen staff during the project. Phases 1 and 2 will consist of removing the existing fiber reinforced panels (FRP) from the ceiling in the dish room and pot room, replacing any damaged plywood and installing new FRP. Work will also include new lighting and ventilation rehabilitation, as necessary. In addition, a 50 foot section of the west wall is deteriorated and will be replaced with new standard 2 x 6 construction. The new exterior siding will match adjacent siding. A new wall opening between the dish room and pot room will be created to increase operational efficiency. Portions of the existing wall to be removed will be retained for historical reference, as approved by the historical architect. Phases 3, 4 and 5 of the project (as indicated on the attached phasing map) will be completed under separate compliance as the scope of the work is determined.

Work will be coordinated and scheduled as to limit impacts to visitors and food service areas at Yosemite Lodge. Temporary menu changes and reduction in service hours at the Food Court and Mountain Room Restaurant may result. Best construction time of year is at low visitation, between the months of February and March. Back of house preliminary construction activity will be coordinated with the contractor to retain work schedule and re-open the kitchen for full service by the 2014 Easter Holiday.