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Hodgdon Meadow Wastewater Improvements

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This project will replace the 6,000 gallon septic tank and leach field that serves the winter wastewater disposal needs of Hodgdon Meadow with a new septic tank, dosing chamber, and leach field and will accommodate both the summer and winter needs of Hodgdon Meadow proper. A new duplex pump station will be constructed to convey raw sewage to a new force main under Tuolumne Grove Road and Carlon Road to a new septic tank located at the shoulder of Carlon Road. The effluent leaving the new septic tank will then gravity flow to a new leach field placed in trenches parallel with the ground contours within a boundary defined as 100' offset from the existing spray field.

The leach field is projected to utilize approximately 40% of the existing spray field area. The remaining 60% of the existing spray field may be designated as a restoration site for native vegetative species after it is determined that the constructed leach field is properly addressing effluent disposal needs.
Construction completion must occur before November 1, 2011 to provide an operational winter wastewater system. Failure to provide a winter wastewater system may result in the relocation of permanent residents and shutdown of the campground.

After construction completion of the new septic tank and leach field, the existing spray field pipes and spray heads will be removed. The existing 6,000 gallon septic tank and leach line will be abandoned in