Wawona Washburn, Clark, and Annex Roof Replacement

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The purpose of this project is to install new cedar split wood shingles over existing skip sheeting at the Washburn, Clark, and Annex buildings in the Wawona Hotel Complex, a National Historic Landmark. The roofs on the structures have outlived their useful lives and are in need of replacement. The roofs of these historic buildings are significant architectural features and should retain historic character. Therefore, a Preservation treatment approach will be utilized where intact materials will be left in place and repaired.

The design for the roof assembly will be reviewed by the park Branch of History Architecture and Landscapes and the park Fire Authority for final approval. Roof design will comply with both a Preservation treatment approach as described in the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties, and will be a replacement in kind of 1/2 inch low profile 5 ¼ inch x 24 inch cedar shingle treated with a fire resistive coating to achieve a Class B Fire-Resistive Rating. Shingles to match in look, size, and texture to those of original sugar pine shingles. The exposed surface of the shingle will match the Moore Cottage and Little White building, approximately 10 inches. Design will also provide details on proper flashing at dormers and roof terminations.

During design, any roofing materials other than the shingles that are deemed in need of replacement, rather than retention and repair, will be identified. Members of the roof assembly identified for replacement will utilize in-kind materials to those used historically. During construction, any portions of the roof assembly that are subsequently identified by the contractor as in need of full replacement, rather than retention and repair, will be submitted to the park Historical Architect for review and approval in advance of any demolition work performed.

Construction will include the removal of the existing roof materials and sheeting, repair of any deteriorated structural materials, and replacement of the sheeting, flashing and roof materials. Roof elevations or assembly will remain the same. All spent materials will be recycled where possible and properly disposed of.

General Scope of Work - (please refer to the project statement for detailed scope.)
1. All roofing materials to be split cedar shingles 5 inches x 24 inches minimum length, split ½ inch thick with 10 inch exposure per manufacturer's warranty, with fire retardant treatment. Materials and installation would meet Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau requirements.
2. The shingle installation pattern will match existing historic Sugar Pine installation; with the gap between shingles lined up with the center of the shingle in the row below.
3. All flashings and metal trims to be copper 28 gauge.
4. All wood repairs to be performed with in-kind materials.
5. Fasteners to be galvanized for wood materials of proper length to secure a tight fit.
6. Copper fasteners to be used on copper materials.
7. Delaware North will contact the Historic Preservation Team to view workmanship and historic design as the project progresses.

Special Considerations:
Wawona roof replacement will be scheduled at a time when visitation is lower to reduce disruption to guests. Impacts to employees will be minimized as work will occur during non-quiet hours of the day.

Vehicular access to structures and small staging areas will occur on paved surfaces.