Curry Village, Relocate Nine Guest Tent Cabins

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The purpose of this project is to shift or fully relocate nine guest tent cabins within Curry Village/Boystown. These tent cabins are either touching or within the recently surveyed active talus/rockfall hazard line and should be moved outside this line to allow for continued use. Tent frame foundations are constructed of post and pier blocks with wood platforms that support a wood frame. Custom canvas is then fitted over the frames to create tent cabins. The nine tent cabins are 12x14 or 10x12 in dimension. The tent cabin numbers are: 564, 565, 572, 681, 682, 683, 684, 685, 743

Five tent cabins will only be moved a few feet within Curry Village and four tent cabins will be moved into the Family Circle area (see Curry Village map). Proposed locations avoid vegetation, circulation paths and roadways, cultural resources or geological resources. Minimal disturbance to soils may be necessary to place pier blocks level on the ground (no more than 3 inches). Bear boxes will also be relocated to each new tent cabin site.