Housekeeping Camp, Replace Existing Ice House (Machine)

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The purpose of this project is to remove the existing ice house at Housekeeping Camp and replace it with a new, smaller ice house. The existing ice house has a limited capacity to provide ice to park visitors and is difficult to find replacement parts due to its age. The proposed replacement will have a footprint of 12 foot by 7 foot, 70% smaller then the present 45 foot by 10 foot structure. The new ice house would require the installation of a 12 foot by 7 foot concrete slab foundation as well as water and sewer lines. Trenching for the water and sewer lines will be required as part of this project to tie into existing water and waste water lines in Housekeeping Camp. Trenching will be approximately 25 feet in length, 1 foot wide and 18 inches deep. Trenching will take place in pre-disturbed, paved areas and will be patched appropriately. All tie-in activities will be coordinated with Valley Utilities in advance of actual work.
Operational or Special Considerations
• Back-flow prevention will be installed.
• Accessibility will be maintained.
• There will be no increase in noise with the new machine
• Lighting will be directed to specific locations on the Ice House and not flood the area.