Ahwahnee - Improve Porte Cochere Access Walkways and Fence

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The porte cochere and entry gallery are classic features of The Ahwahnee providing a sense of arrival for visitors to this National Historic Landmark located in Yosemite National Park. The purpose of this project is to replace rotted wooden components along 1) the uncovered wood-plank walkway that runs along the service yard fence to the porte cochere, 2) the service yard fence and, 3) the wood-plank boardwalk in the main entry gallery. Additionally, the foundation of each component identified will be addressed and improved to meet load requirements and to provide appropriate drainage away from the wood members to prevent wood rot. These existing structures have been impacted by extensive wood rot causing structural degradation, uneven walking surfaces and instability in the rails and posts supporting the fence.
Schematic design will be required to ensure structural viability of fence and walkways, opportunities for rehabilitation, and to provide drainage solutions under and adjacent to the walkways and will be the first task in this project. All work performed will replace damaged or rotted wood with in-kind materials to match the existing construction. Delaware North Companies will hire a qualified general contractor (with five years experience specializing in historic preservation) to replace the two wood walkways, the concrete piers/foundations of the walkways, and the fence screening the main entrance of The Ahwahnee from the service yard area. Drainage solutions will be explored to divert or collect and distribute water away from wooden members of the new walkways. All work will occur in previously disturbed areas.
Construction - The anticipated scope of construction work is as follows:
• Remove all wood components and foundations of existing walkways and fence.
• Install drainage systems as required by design drawings.
• Install permanent concrete footings to support walkways and fence (some ground disturbance is anticipated).
• Install new walkway deck and fencing as required by design drawings.
This project is scheduled for construction during the three week closure of the hotel in February and March of 2011. Consultation with the park historical architect, historic preservation officer, and archaeology is on-going and will continue for the duration of the project planning and implementation.