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The Ahwahnee Hotel Interior Decoration Projects 2010-11 Programmatic

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This Programmatic CE is intended to cover various interior decorating and furnishing projects at The Ahwahnee, a National Historic Landmark that the concessionaire operates and should expire upon to end of the current concessions contract on September 30, 2011. All projects at The Ahwahnee performed under this CE will be informed by the Reserve Property Plan, historic research and park-approved historic studies such as the 2010 Historic Structures Report and the 2010 Historic Furnishings Report. The intended goal for each project is to enhance the historic character of this landmark building by restoring historic furnishings appropriately to the period of significance (POS) of the building (1927-1942), and to appropriately decorate spaces in these buildings to either reflect or be compatible with the period of significance. Interior decorating and furnishing projects covered by this CE include soft good purchasing, interior paint, wall and window coverings, carpeting, guest room furniture purchase and placement, public space furnishings, reupholstering of reserve property and historic furnishings, and bathroom fixture replacement. All projects covered by the CE will be interior to these structures. This CE does not cover any modifications to historic buildings and structures. All furnishing projects will be limited to refurbishment and compatibility with the period of significance, and any additional furnishings that are required for operational and modern use, will be designed to be compatible to the historic structure's period of significance.