Mariposa Grove Trails and Asphalt Removal

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This project would remove asphalt from an abandoned road in the upper Mariposa Grove. The area would be restored to its natural condition with a two foot dirt trail running through it. Trail signs would be replaced throughout the grove, and fencing would be installed to further protect the giant sequoias.

The 0.1 mile of asphalt to be removed is the last section of the nature trail leading from the museum. The asphalt is eight inches thick and 10 to 14 feet wide. The new trail would be narrowed to a width to match the existing nature trail. Consultation with cultural resource staff will ensure that cultural resource issues would be addressed.

Proposed actions:
1) Remove asphalt using a skid steer loader (bobcat) and hand tools
2) Loosen soil underneath using hand tools
3) Add mulch to soil using locally gathered litter and duff to bring in seed sources and limit soil erosion
4) Asphalt would be removed from the park and recycled, or it would be recycled within the park and used for other projects.
5) Replace signs (in same locations) that are broken, confusing, or have inaccurate mileage information
6) Construct a zigzag-style fence along the trail to the Grizzly Giant to protect the giant sequoias from soil erosion around the base of the trees.
7) Construct a fence at the Clothespin Tree to protect its roots from trampling.

This style of fence is approved in the design guidelines and causes little ground disturbance. Less than 2,550 linear feet of fencing will be installed.

Equipment will be screened in the direction of the grove road and tram tours when not in use.