Wawona Library Storage Shed Installation

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Install a 10' x 12' prefabricated wooden storage shed at Bassett Memorial Library on Chilnualna Falls Road in Wawona. The shed would be located at the north end of the library parking lot, approximately three feet off the pavement behind the northeasternmost parking space, on a relatively flat dirt area selected in consultation with the Park Historical Architect and Historical Landscape Architect. The shed, a Pro Ranch model by Tuff Shed, would have 7' walls and a peak height of 9'7". It would have one door, two small end vents, and be factory-painted beige with brown trim and a green roof to coordinate with the existing library colors. It would be delivered on a flatbed truck by a Clovis contractor via park roads. Any minimal leveling necessary would be accomplished with wooden shims or cement capstones, with no ground disturbance. There would be no electrical or plumbing hookups. Options for installing some appropriate plantings between the road and the shed after installation would be explored to provide additional visual screening.

The Bassett Memorial Library, a branch of the Mariposa County Library system, is a rural library facility within Yosemite National Park in Wawona. It is open year round and serves over three thousand park residents, employees and visitors a year with circulation items that include books, DVDs, videos, audiotapes, CDs and periodicals. The library provides space for visitor uses such as studying or reading, selecting and checking out library materials, photocopying, accessing computers and the internet, posting and referring to community bulletin board information, viewing the work of local artists, and using the restrooms. However, there is no storage area at all in the library. The lack of storage presents a problem because the Friends of the Library group conducts a book sale each Labor Day to offset the costs of operating the library. Thousands of books and other materials are donated throughout the year for the sale, but there is no room in the library to put them. Temporary storage space has to be solicited every year from various homeowners or from the National Park Service, and the items have to be hauled to and from far-flung locations. These temporary storage areas have proved inconvenient at best and moldy and/or animal infested at worst, rendering some of the items unsalable. An on-site shed dedicated to the storage of book sale items would provide convenient and reliable protection of materials that generate funding for continued use and enjoyment of Wawona's library.