Wawona Fire Emergency Water Supply Tank Installation

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This project includes the installation of a temporary water storage tank and an utility vault that will provide emergency water storage for the Wawona area in the case of fire. Tank will not require footings, gravel bed or grading. Water will be supplied by disinfected tertiary effluent (reclaimed water). A 15,000 gallon temporary tank will supply helicopters and be located at the south end of the Wawona golf course between fairways #1 and #2 (in the rough). The tank will not be installed or filled with water until there is a fire threat to the community (fire severity). It will be removed when the fire danger drops to sustain moderate fire danger ratings.
Emergency fire vehicles will access the water supply at the existing 10" line south or the Wawona bridge through an installed 3' x 3' x 3' flush to ground water vault. The vault will hold the necessary piping and valves. A 15' long by 18" wide and 36" deep trench is needed to access and install a cut in line to the vault. The installation of the vault is in a disturbed area south and adjacent to the bridge 60' from the river.