South Entrance Station Wireless Bridge

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The implementation of a temporary reservation system for park entry in 2020 significantly increased the importance of network connectivity at the park entrance stations. Intermittent network connection has made it difficult for gate staff to pull up a visitor's reservation information to confirm their entry and has caused delays at the park's four entry stations. In addition to supporting the reservation system, credit card transactions using a new point-of-sale system, gate staff access to network-based systems such as SharePoint and email, VoIP phone systems, and camera servers all rely on dependable network connectivity at the park's entrance stations.

The park is proposing to create a wireless bridge between the South Entrance Station and the Henness Ridge Telecommunications facility to improve network connectivity at the entrance station. This will be accomplished by installing wireless repeaters at the Mosquito Creek Helipad and the South Entrance leach field to create a chain of line-of-sight points between the telecommunications facility and the entrance station.

The communications equipment at both repeater sites will consist of 24" parabolic antennas. If possible, new equipment at both locations (poles, antennas, solar panel frames) will be painted brown or black to the extent possible to minimize visual impact. The location and expected ground disturbance associated with these sites is summarized below:

Mosquito Creek Helipad:
37.562903, -119.694335
Equipment: Two 3" diameter steel poles buried ~6' deep will be installed ~60 feet from each other at this location. Each will have a 24" parabolic antenna mounted to it and the southernmost pole will also have 3 solar panels. Power cable will be trenched between the two poles. The poles will stand ~8' above the ground. The trench will be approximately 60 feet long, 18" wide, and 18" deep.

South Entrance Leach Field:
37.506582, -119.636090
Equipment: 24" parabolic antenna mounted on a 4" diameter steel pole buried ~6'. The pole will stand ~8' above the ground. Power and communication fiber will be trenched approximately 550' from the controls to the repeater location. The trench will be approximately 18" wide and 18" deep.

Some vegetation removal/trimming may be required to facilitate line-of-sight between the different repeater locations. This is expected to be limited to limbing one oak tree at the Mosquito Creek Helipad and removing 6-7 small cedars and pines (<12" dbh) at the leach field location.

This project is estimated to take 8-12 weeks to implement for equipment acquisition lead-time, trenching work, and testing. This entrance station connectivity solution will use unlicensed frequencies.