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Stehekin Valley Road Improvement Project and Environmental Assessment (2005)

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In response to major floods in October of 2003, the National Park Service prepared an Environmental Assessment in 2005 to make safety and road maintenance improvements to approximately 5 miles of the Stehekin Valley Road in Lake Chelan National Recreation Area in an effort to rehabilitate the road and protect it from further flooding and reduce the use of locally secured gravel.

The Environmental Assessment for this plan evaluated four alternatives: (1) No Action—Continue Existing Conditions Along the Stehekin Valley Road; (2) Preferred Alternative—Construct a series of Road, Drainage, and Bioengineered Riverbank Improvements over 5.15 miles of the Stehekin Valley Road, (3) Complete Minor Improvements along the Stehekin Valley Road, and (4) Improve and Reroute Road at Milepost 7.5
On October 11, 2005, the National Park Service concluded the environmental impact analysis process and approved the proposal to rehabilitate and pave a 5.15 section of the Stehekin Valley Road as outlined in Alternative 2 in the Environmental Assessment.

The details of this decision, including a summary of the proposed action and its anticipated impacts to the environment, are provided in the decision document entitled "Finding of No Significant Impact". This decision document, as well as the full Environmental Assessment, is available for downloading by clicking the link to the left entitled "Document List."

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Elly Boerke, Environmental Protection Specialist