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Desert bighorn sheep at big game guzzler, Mojave National Preserve.

Management Plan for Developed Water Sources in Mojave National Preserve

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The National Park Service has prepared a Management Plan for Developed Water Sources and Environmental Assessment for Mojave National Preserve. The Plan and EA is available for review and comment for the next 30 days.

This Plan and EA evaluates a range of alternatives for water resources management in Mojave National Preserve (Preserve). Three action alternatives are analyzed and compared to current management practices, referred to in the Plan and EA as No Action. The action alternatives examine three approaches to managing existing and potential water developments, also known as guzzlers. Each involves a trade-off in terms of the number of guzzlers managed in wilderness versus the amount of desert bighorn sheep habitat that is conserved. Alternative 2 minimizes guzzlers in wilderness, but would involve some habitat loss; Alternative 3 reduces the number of guzzlers in wilderness while achieving modest habitat increases to support native species conservation; and Alternative 4 emphasizes the use of guzzlers to augment native wildlife habitat, and therefore retains the most guzzlers. Alternative 3 is also the Preferred Alternative.

The National Park Service welcomes comments that will inform its selection of an alternative to implement and guide future management actions in Mojave National Preserve. The document is available here; it is also available at Mojave National Preserve's three visitor centers. Copies of the Plan and EA may be requested by contacting Ms. Danette Woo at or (760) 252-6107.

Comments on the project will be accepted from March 20 through April 19, 2018. They may be submitted here or posted. All comments must be received no later than April 26, 2018.

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