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PROJECT UPDATE 8/12/09: Construction of the new 1.5 mile multi-use trail segment is complete. Restoration of the formerly eroded ranch road is still underway. The new Dias Ridge Trail will remain closed through winter 2009 and will reopen in spring 2010. Please see the "Dias Ridge Update Flyer" located within the Document List link for more information.

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), in partner with California State Parks (CDPR), has completed the environmental review process for the Dias Ridge Restoration and Trail Improvement project located in Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Mt. Tamalpais State Park. The project will realign trail segments and restore degraded areas on Dias Ridge. Specifically, the project will remove unauthorized trails and replace or rehabilitate poorly aligned and eroding trail segments. A successful project will improve parkland resources by reducing soil erosion in the project, minimize sediment from reaching Redwood Creek, and improve the trail alignment to support existing authorized trail-use designations.

A joint Environmental Assessment/Initial Study (EA/IS) was completed and distributed for public review in summer 2007. Through environmental analysis and interagency review, the GGNRA has determined that the selected alternative will not significantly affect the environment and has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the project. This FONSI approves federal actions on National Park Service property only. CDPR issued a separate Notice of Determination for project actions on state land.

Since the public release of the EA/IS, some minor changes were made to the selected alternative. These changes are described in detail in the FONSI and Errata and do not increase the degree of adverse impact analyzed in the EA/IS. The FONSI, EA and Errata (a technical attachment to the EA) comprise the environmental impact analysis for this project. All documents are available for review on this site.

Construction for this project is planned to begin in summer 2009. Please contact Steve Ortega, Environmental Protection Specialist, at (415) 561-2841 or steve_ortega@nps.gov for more information.

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