This is a photograph of the Stovepipe Wells General Store. In the foreground, there is a wooden fence surrounding the Stovepipe Wells sign, old machinery, and some vegetation. The General Store and visitors' vehicles are in the mid-ground, and mountains can be seen in the background.

Stovepipe Wells and Nearby Developed Areas Improvement Plan

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The National Park Service is seeking feedback on proposed modifications to the Stovepipe Wells Developed Area in Death Valley National Park to improve visitor experience, safety, and park operations. The areas included in this effort are the Stovepipe Wells Village, Emigrant Junction, the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes trailhead, Mosaic Canyon Road and trailhead, and the Devils Cornfield pullout.

The Environmental Assessment is open for public comments, through 9pm (Pacific) on Monday, February 28, 2022.

There will be an online public meeting on Wednesday, February 9 at 6:00 pm (Pacific).

We strongly request that you submit comments by clicking on the link on the left."Open for Comment (1)".

Comments may also be mailed to: Death Valley National Park, Attention: Compliance Office, c/o Stovepipe Wells Developed Area EA, PO Box 579, Death Valley, CA 92328. Mailed comments must be postmarked by 2/28/2022.

Some of the proposed projects are:

Replace parts of the potable water treatment and delivery systems at Stovepipe Wells and Emigrant.

Replace parts of the wastewater collection and treatment systems at Stovepipe Wells and Emigrant.

Rehabilitate and interpret the historic Emigrant Junction Ranger Station and surrounding area.

Replace Stovepipe Wells Visitor Contact Station, and add an adjacent day-use area with picnic tables and outdoor interpretive signs.

Replace the emergency services building, which is currently too small for the park's ambulance to fit inside.

Redesign Stovepipe Wells Campground, which is currently is a gravel parking area with one restroom. It would be redesigned to have a second restroom, better separation between sites, and amenities like shade structures, fire rings, grills, and picnic tables. Some additional sites would have RV hookups. The campground would be expanded to the east.

The existing paved Stovepipe Wells Airstrip would be removed, and airplanes would be redirected to Furnace Creek Airstrip (18 miles away). A helicopter landing pad would remain for administrative and emergency use.

Night sky viewing area: The eastern end of the former airstrip could be rehabilitated for use for large night-sky viewing events.

Improve Mosaic Canyon Road, parking lot, and trailhead. The NPS will consider a range of surfaces to reduce dust and stabilize the 2.3-mile unpaved road leading to a popular short hike.

Improve flood control.

NPS officials say they do not have funding for these projects yet. The Environmental Assessment is a step towards requesting funds.

Contact Information

Abby Wines, Management Assistant
(760) 786-3221